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This week’s SPaM shakes things up a bit, as our featured blogger is webcomic cartoonist Andy B. Childress of BubbaWorld Comix; the host of a weekly digital periodical available for email.

“Every Monday you will be entertained by the humorous strips of QUICK APPLIANCE REPAIR (a strip about two idiot brothers working for their Dad) and MISSISSIPPI SWAMP DRAGONS (as the name suggests this strip is about a psychotic chicken in a floppy ear hat and a pessimistic clown). They are joined by a third humor strip by the name of BUBBA GNOMES. Basically gnomes with a redneck twist.”

This week we take a trip into the mind of this self-proclaimed “nut” and see what makes his pen tick.

**** 1. What first influenced you to become an artist, and how did that lead to the medium of webcomics?

When I was One year old I wanted a pencil and paper and I’ve never have put them down since.  I have literally been drawing all of me life.  When I was three I was fascinated by the Sunday funnies.  I would lay in the floor and imitate them in my drawings.  That’s when I decided I wanted to do comics when I got older…( notice I didn’t use the phrase ” grow up “)… Later I found out they had words with them. WHAT A CONCEPT!  I got interested in comic books also starting with the Richie Rich’s and Casper’s and as I got older the Marvel & DC super heroes.

Back in those days we could buy them off a rack in any convenience store….and we rode the bus to school, uphill , both ways, in the snow…. As I read more super heroes I drew more super heroes.  My first love was still the funny pages in newspapers though.  I created HERMAN THE PSYCHOTIC CHICKEN by accident in 9th grade art class.  It would still be years later before I knew what to do with him.  My senior year term paper was on Comics.  That was before the interwebs and I had to go to this brick building in the center of town they called a Library.  During college I fleshed out HERMAN and paired him with a pessimistic Clown by the Name of KNOTHEAD.  a couple of  years later I started the QUICK APPLIANCE REPAIR  strip.  I would draw up strips and read articles to see what size to draw them and make reduce photo copies of them to store.  At the time I didn’t know what to do with them , I just wrote and drew and stock piled.  I would create a new strip here and there and keep drawing.

Eventually I started my own comics paper and published it for free monthly with ad money from it.  I ran it for four years and used a website to promote the paper.  I wished I realized then how better off I would have been to have used the paper to promote the website. I was reading comics on the web but I only had samples of my comics on the web and should have been updating it the whole time.  Due to some family illnesses I shut down the paper and moved it totally to the web in 2007.  I started the paper back WHILE KEEPING THE WEBSITE GOING but only for a few months before making it a digital periodical.

**** 2. How much of your characters in your comic strip are based on real people?

I once told a group of people that the majority of the characters were slivers of my own personality and if I didn’t write and draw them out that there was a good chance that I would turn into a schizophrenic with multiple personalities.  I have over a hundred characters running thru me noggin.

The Digital Periodical actually comes out on Wednesday & Friday also.  Each day has different humor strips and all three day have an action adventure sci fi serial that’s ongoing.  Question 6 deals with that so let me list my humor strips.  QUICK APPLIANCE REPAIR ( two idiot brothers working for their dad in the appliance repair business )… MISSISSIPPI SWAMP DRAGONS ( a psychotic chicken in a floppy ear hat and a pessimistic clown, there are two swamp dragons in the strip also )… DAWN OF TIME ( Bubba the caveman and his chimp friend Milo )… CAPN’ GEEZER ( space / time patrol and his companions, arch nemesis travels in a port-o-pottie time machine…. SPACE REDNECKS ( Houston MS with it’s own space program )… GOING BATTY ( mad scientist and the critters in his castle )…. BUBBA GNOMES ( mythology with a redneck twist )…. “!?!” ( a strip that will never have any words and rely solely on the action of the main character for the humor.  To pronounce the name of this title simply put your finger in your mouth pressing on the inside of a cheek at a sideways angle bringing it out fast to make a popping sound )….  My but that’s a lot of strips I tells ya.  That’s eight humor titles with over a hundred , maybe a hundred fifty characters total.

There are a few friends that appear in the strips as “extras”. They get speaking lines and such but the number is less than ten.  Some of the Characters in the QAR strip are INSPIRED by me and my brother and some family members but are not actually us.  They just have a lot of our quirks.

**** 3. Do you find it difficult to come up with inspiration and ideas on a regular basis?

Actually I find it hard to shut it off.  Not that I actually try to shut it off at any time.  After the first two strips I kept having ideas for a third.  I figured I would go ahead and draw some of the cavemen strips just to get them out of my head.  The next thing I know I have a third strip.  Now it’s up to eight humor strips.  I usually pre write strips in advance in a note book and draw them later.  I see the humor side of just normal events that happen thru the day.

**** 4. Do you find it more or less difficult to exist as an artist now that our media has shifted toward online distribution and away from traditional print?

I love the way it is now.  Even here in Mississippi I sell as many books on cd as pdf’s as I do in print.  The internet is great for distribution.  I’ve made my paper a Digital Periodical that’s free to anyone who wants it.  I no longer have to pay a printer and where I was limited to 4000 copies a month I can now send an infinite amount thru email.  I use the WordPress blogs for my archives and people are always finding me on that.  Add the Facebook, twitter, and YouTube as promotion tools and anyone can self publish their work.

**** 5. In addition to your humorous comic strips you’ve written a series of short horror stories called MISFITS AND MAYHEM. What inspired you to create horror graphic novels?

I loves me some horror I do.  I’ve always have just wanted to write and draw some horror stories.  I used to read horror comics as a kid and still do from time to time now.  Although the more you write and draw the less time you have to read.  I use a totally different style of art and writing for my horror , and the horror stories have a horror host by the name of CREEPY CLYDE that runs a night carnival.  This is the only project that I’ve used someone else to help on.  A friend of mine writes half of the stories in the books and I write the other half.  Then I draw, letter and ink the whole book.  I do throw in some dark humor into my stories also.

**** 6. You mention a series of SciFi graphic novels in the works. What prompted you to go in the direction of SciFi? Also, our readers need to know the answer to this question…are you a Trekkie or a Jedi?

First off….I’m a Whovian ( Doctor Who ).  But I usually watch it all.  I’m more fond of the original three Star Wars films and did meet Dave Prowse ( actor in the Darth Vader costume ) at a con in 1993.  But I’ve seen all of the Trek series, read a bunch of the novels and comic books.  If I had to chose one over the other it would be Trek over Star Wars , but Doctor Who before anything else.

The SciFi graphic novels are being drawn three pages a week now.  They appear in the BubbaWorld Comix Digital Periodical every week on all three days at the bottom of the pages.  It’s an ongoing Time Travel Adventure That I draw in a similar style to the horror comics I do.  I call it ” DOX “.  It’s awesomeness I tells ya.  I wrote it as a novel a few years back during the month of November.  Yes… i wrote a 75,000 word novel in 28 days.  I never did anything with the manuscript because I really wanted it to be  a series of graphic novels.

I’m drawing the pages horizontal like a comic strip from the funny pages instead of the traditional way ( vertical ) so it will do better on a computer screen with less scrolling.  The print form of the books as they come out will be in a landscape style and shape because of this.  I still use humor in my writing but this is a more serious subject.  It has mystery and deaths and violence in it.  In other words pure Awesomness!

**** 7. What does the future hold for BubbaWorld Comix?

Flying cars I hope … I want me my own personal flying car.  Oh and more subscribers.  The more people I have reading my comics the better.  I had one person years ago ask me if I was the next Charles Schultz?  I told them, “No, I’m the first Andy Childress.”  I did love Peanuts and it had a lot to do with me wanting to become a cartoonist.  Right now though I just need anyone who enjoys my comics to spread the word to their friends about it.  My official website is BUBBAWORLDCOMIX.NET and you can get the Digital Periodical just by emailing me at with “SUBSCRIBE” in the subject of the email.

I’ve also got other ideas for more graphic novels later on and I will be doing a third volume of MISFITS & MAYHEM.

See ya in the funny Web Pages.


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