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Valentine’s Day marks the release of  PARAMOUR – a new art and prose book penned by friend and fellow blogger, Jonathan Borden. I’ve been intrigued by JB’s raw writing style and fearless approach to topics that are at times both heartfelt and gut wrenching for him to share. He is an artist, poet and musician extraordinaire who has only just begun to show the world his rich, creative soul.

Please to enjoy, PARAMOUR.


Halifax, N.S .— February 5, 2012  — From the backyard of a church, scandalous poet Jonathan Borden invokes the sacrilegious and opens his new book of porn with a prayer. “Paramour” is part memoir, part smut, and part exorcism, so it is fitting that its first page features the Act of Contrition as a self-described disclaimer. A prayer said by Catholics when making Confession, Borden has chosen it to set the pace for his well-crafted “one-handed book”—one-handed, because your hand will be, uh, preoccupied as the other turns the pages. It is a term once used by the Marquis de Sade to describe his own works and one which Borden gleefully prefers to describe his.

“Paramour” is a glossy art book, tightly-crafted and generous in its use of space and colour. Featuring contemporary gay porn images with revealing personal ads, hustlers’ rates, and quotations superimposed on each, there are thick sections of terse, biting prose vignettes in between, detailing Borden’s extensive and debauched sexual history. There are 175 of these micro-stories, one for each of the guys Borden has been with, and each themed with a type of personality he has encountered along the way. To top it off, each vignette weighs in at exactly 69 words—the entendre is to die for. An experimental short film called “Blue Movie”, directed by Stewart Delo, accompanies the daring project and explores the blurred boundary between sense and sensuality.

“It’s about moving on,” says Borden of the edgy release, “I was trying to fill a void in those days and I tried to do that by sleeping my way across town; this project is my way of waking up.” For Borden, “Paramour” is an opportunity to encourage freedom of speech through its testing of boundaries and sexual liberation through its explicit and openly assertive content, while exorcising his own hang-ups. “All of my heroes are sexually-outspoken, so I think I should be, too,” he says, insisting the book and film are not simply shock pieces. “‘Paramour’ is an urban ‘Kama Sutra’, but what I’m teaching is more than just a hot set of positions for pleasure, I’m teaching people to be comfortable. I’m sharing, not bragging.”

Borden, also a freelance graphic artist, took the time to design the finished product, sure to be pleasing to readers’ eyes. His bold, punk aesthetic suits the catharsis of the collection perfectly. Expect to be shocked, appalled, enthralled, and to encounter the ribald. The book is being released electronically in five parts through Borden’s website, WHORRIBLE, premiering on St. Valentine’s Day this year. “Blue Movie” will be released this spring through video-sharing website Vimeo.

“Get filthy.”

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