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Since I am elbows deep in my Super Secret Project I’ve decided to reblog a supremely funny post written by the illustrious Trailer Trash Deluxe. Please to enjoy…

Trailertrashdeluxe's Blog

Starved of ideas, I am.  I’m going to start doing a thing I’ve always wanted to do: steal questions from advice columns, paraphrase them or change them around a little, and give my own answers to them, answers I would have liked to see the advice columnist give.  If it’s as successful as “Ishtar”, today will be the first and last.  If it’s as successful as “Raiders of the Lost Ark”, I’ll get rich, be as insufferable as Justin Bieber or Michael Jordan, develop a drug habit, and stop washing.  Here goes:

Dear TTD:

I’m a 45 year old guy who moved back to my home town after 20 years away.  I wanted to be back home to be with my family and my boyfriend.  I thought my life would be a constant Kelly Ripa commercial, but it’s not.  My siblings argue all the time and my dad seems unhappy…

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