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This is much too good to only run once. Please to enjoy…


Whenever I think about New Years Eve specific images spring to mind; social gatherings, alcoholic beverages, fireworks…..kissing. So I thought to myself, what better way to showcase all that is magical about New Years Eve than with a feature post about the sparkliest woman I know? That’s right ladies and gentleman, I give you the one, the only….


Thank you, my future wife! (If my Rockstar doesn’t marry me, that is.)

Take one part Dorothy Parker, one part Jessica Rabbit and two parts Dolly Parton *snicker.* Mix together and serve in a pair of five inch pink stiletto heels and you have my girl Sparklebumps.

Whether she’s swooning over her own personal Rockstar or daydreaming of giving Chris Meloni the boobie-squishing of a lifetime, this larger than life– “Umm, excuse me, did you just imply that I’m fat?” bombshell– “Oh, you are forgiven. XOXO” makes everyone she meets…

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  1. I do not like this at all, not one bit…. I LOVE IT !!!!
    What better way to ring in the new year then the one woman who can ring my bell anytime.. Kisses at midnight my lovely Miss Bumps.

    December 31, 2012 at 7:20 pm