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The uberclassy blogger better known as TrailerTrashDeluxe took on the challenge of not only reading my book REAPERS WITH ISSUES but also gave it one Hell of a review!

Thanks again, TTD for including me in your big fat load of pretentious crap! 😉

Trailertrashdeluxe's Blog

Where and when did I find blogger and author H. E. Ellis?  I have no frickin’ idea.  Maybe she found my blog.  Who knows?  What I do know is that she is a hilarious Italian-American, Floridian-New Englander, all-woman yet one-of-the-guys, accomplished author and blogger.  I believe she has gone the self-publishing route so far with what she’s got out there.  I applaud those who do that, which I plan to do someday (should I ever, you know, write something longer than a couple thousand words), because it gets your stuff out there and helps to build an audience.  I also applaud those who go through the hideously demeaning process of trying to convince an agent (whose focus of course HAS to be on instant, popular, marketability of a book, rather than quality) that their stuff will sell.

Enough digression.  “Reapers With Issues” is a series of 4 books. …

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