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The Hunt for From History’s Shadow begins!

CALLING ALL SCIFI FANS! Everyone’s favorite Trekkie Dayton Ward is set to release his latest novel, FROM HISTORY’S SHADOW any day now. For those of you who aren’t crying yourself to sleep in fit of literary jealousy (me) there is a prize to be won. What kind of prize, you ask? Well click on over to his blog, THE FOG OF WARD, to find out!

The Fog of Ward.

We’re just over a week away from the “official” publication date for my new novel, From History’s Shadow. The date, July 30th, is more for the computers and ordering systems than anything else, as most mass-market paperbacks don’t have set release dates. Basically, they’re available whenever the bookseller gets their stock, enters it into the store’s inventory system, and shelves them. So, in reality, the book can start showing up anywhere any day now.

Therefore, I say, “Release the hounds!”

The first five people who can provide photographic evidence of the new book grazing in the wild (translation: on a store shelf, somewhere) by posting that pic here will receive an autographed copy.

All right, listen up, people: Our book has been on the run for a couple of days. Average foot speed over uneven ground barring injuries is pretty much zero since books have no legs. That…

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