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My Dear Earth Friend, I know this proposal letter might be a pleasant surprise to you as we don’t know ourselves before. I am from Earth born 25 years ago, now seeking asylum in Purgatory under (OHD). I contacted you as a cause of my serious search for a reliable and trust worthy person that […]

Reapers With Issues

REAPERS WITH ISSUES LOCATION: Earth YEAR: 2012, mainly POPULATION: 7 billion Human souls and counting… From Purgatory – The Grim Reaper and other three Horsemen of the Apocalypse are stretched to their limits reaping souls, and more drop dead every day.  With his department near the breaking point, Grim requests a team of five thousand […]

Reapers With Fangs

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, the day is nearly here when we will unveil Book Two of the four book compilation series called REAPERS WITH FANGS. The sequel to Reapers With Issues follows the Grim Reaper on his journey through middle management Hell. For those of you who have not read Book One of the series […]

I Got Merch!

The merch in question is an infinity scarf, covered in my novella, REAPERS WITH ISSUES. This amazing Christmas gift is from a longtime friend, worn by my short-time Kiddo. I have heard of companies that make this particular type of product but have never seen it in real life. For someone who has been struggling […]

It’s Funny Blog Friday!

Happy Halloween and welcome to our first ever Funny Blog Friday! Me, along with a group of other hi-larious bloggers, are celebrating an otherwise spooky holiday with loads of laughter and free stuff! Click the links to participating bloggers at the bottom of the page for a chance at winning prizes and to read a […]

Meet The Reaper on Halloween And Win Free Stuff!

FROM THE DESK OF THE GRIM REAPER: Tomorrow is Halloween- the one day a year when souls breech the veil between the living and the dead and make my life Hell. Tomorrow is also FUNNY BLOG FRIDAY’s first ever blog hop, an event intended to celebrate humor and incite laughter in all who stop by. Whoopdee […]