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Gragas_SantaWell, blogworld, your faithful Hellis here.  We’re coming up on one of my very favorite times of the year.  I do truly love Christmas.  However, many of my readers might be shocked to learn just how totally-

[Insert News Flash Music][Insert the Attention-Grabbing Alert screen]

(Scene cuts in to our Anchorman, Pennis Stone)

Stone: (perfect, jet black feathered hair and smoldering brown eyes) Ladies and Gentlemen, this just in!  North Pole News SkyCam Reporter Chip Swizzle is live with us right now!  Apparently Chip has spotted – all on his eagle-eyed own – the notorious red Impala reported to be connected with multiple escaped Santa sightings. Chip, what can you tell us?

[Visual with helicopter noise: red Impala with two passengers, one in a Santa suit, one a woman in a gown]

Chip: Thanks, Dick! Yeah, we’re here just outside the North Pole capital and spotted what we believe is the fugitive Santa Claus, wanted on multiple drug, prostitution, and a smorgasbord of Federal Code violations related to shady business practices and money laundering.  I’m told police are on the way now, and … yes, yes, here they come.  Our pilot is going to try and fly lower…

Stone:  Heh heh, that’s Pennis, Chip! (winks at camera) Can you describe what you believe the fugitives are doing?  I see what looks like a man in a Santa suit and a woman.  What do you make of it, Chip?

[Shaky aerial visual continues, red hat twirls out over the rear of Impala.  Picture tightens, and a white-haired fat man rocks out with a woman face-down in his lap]

Chip: Holy moly!  I’m not sure what they’re doing down there, but the police are catching up fas… oh wait, two just skidded off the road in the snow.  Anyway, we’re still holding station.

Stone: Chip, it looks like the same thing going on right here under the anchor desk.  How close are the police now?

[Continued aerial shot of car, woman now sitting up, face in hand as fat man attempts to run cop off road Hazzard-style]

Chip: Dick, it looks like a struggle down there, and I can’t tell for certain but the woman appears to be Gloria Allred… oh, man!  Santa just rammed one cop off the road!  And there’s two up the road making a road block!  Are you getting this, man?

Stone: (irritated): We’re getting it fine, Swizzle stick.  This looks like the fugitive Claus is done running.  Swizzle, anything new developing?

[Wide-angle view, red Impala speeding toward two cop cars with lights going]

Chip: Yeah, Dick, you may be correct.  Santa doesn’t appear to be doing any evasive moves, and looks like he’s on a cell phone.  That’ll be another charge against hi… OH HOLY BEJEEZUS!

[Scene jolted wildly out of kilter, sleigh briefly visible in skewed picture, rumbling of afterburners]

Stone: What’s going on, Swizzle?  Talk to us?

[Scene shows Santa sleigh with a burly man in a kilt, a Thai hooker and two black-cloaked passengers swooping down toward the Impala]

Chip: Holy Klingon battle cruisers! We were just nearly blown out of the sky by what looks like a sleigh pulled by reindeer… and … I might need to lay off the rock, but I’d swear there’s a guy with a sword in a kilt and a Thai hooker in his lap… and .. wait… what is this? Halloween on Christmas?  I’d swear the two people in back are both dressed as the Grim Reaper.

Stone: Ha! Yeah, Swizz, you need to cut out that smack.  What’s developing now?

[Scene now stable, showing the sleigh crossing above the Impala while the two Reapers reach down to pull Santa clear, Allred taking the wheel and snapping a u-ey, and the sleigh rocketing out of sight][sonic boom sound]

Chip: Noooo waaaay!  That was totally bitchen!

Stone: Chip! Did Santa just escape?

Chip: (deep inhaling sound)

Stone: Chip? Chip!


…and so, after all that heartfelt revelation on my true feelings for Christmas, I wish all of you and yours a truly merry one! (Thanks for the tunes, Frank!)

The SANTA SHAME SPIRAL Ends…Interview with Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer

Funny-Christmas-ReindeerHello everyone, and welcome to what I’ve come to pray is my last interview.  Hey! Pulitzer guy… ya fanug! I might be praying, but that’s all this girl’s doing on her knees for your award! … ahem.  Anyway, I’m here with the one and only Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer.  Rudolph how are you doing today?

R: I have a head cold. I know it’s hard to tell because my nose is always red. In fact, I am pretty sure that is how those stories got started in the tabloids. But I do not have a drinking problem and I gave up snorting the ‘snow’. Sure, I like to put a little rum in my egg nog. We all do that. It is cold where we live.

You want to talk about a drinking problem ask me about Blitzen. How do you think he got that name? I remember once when they were playing some reindeer game… this is back before they let me play with them… Blitzen broke both of Prancer’s front legs. Prancer, that’s the gay one… not that there is anything wrong with that… couldn’t prance for three months. You have any idea what it’s like to be a gay reindeer that can’t prance?

H.E.: Can you give us any insight into what working for Santa is like?

R: First of all, it really pisses me off that people think we work just one night a year. Santa has a magic bag that is sort of like a Tardis… bigger on the inside than on the outside. But he doesn’t have a magic toy factory. It is more like a sprawling 600 acre complex of tool shops, fabrication plants, painting facilities and so on. Not to mention the vast warehouses for stuff coming in and going out. We get shipments of finished products and raw materials from all over the world.

All that stuff has to get moved from place to place. The elves load it on big work sleds and guess who gets to drag it where it needs to go. I was pulling work sleds long before I got to pull the big guy’s sled. See, that is our magic. We can make stuff float, or hover or whatever. And the reindeer don’t have a union. It isn’t all fun and reindeer games, I can tell you. At least we got the elves to stop using whips.

H.E.: Oh, my.  That sounds barbaric.  I suppose you have no family?

R: A family? Are you kidding me? When would I have time? And believe it or not, my nose is a genetic mutation that comes in handy when it is foggy, but it isn’t exactly a magnet for the babes if you know what I’m saying. Would you date somebody with a glowing body part?

H.E.:  The world is dying to know: which of the Reindeer are male and which are female?

R: Donner and Blitzen are male. Prancer is a dude, but he is a little light in the hooves if you know what I mean… not that there is anything wrong with that… And Dasher, Comet and Cupid are all guys. Dasher is sort of full of himself, and Comet is a real asshole, but whatever.

Dancer and Vixen are the only ladies in the Christmas lineup. But I use the term ‘ladies’ in only the loosest sense… ha, that’s funny now that I think about it. Vixen earned her name the hard way… oh man, I kill myself… yeah, that girl puts out like a vending machine. She will present her haunches to any male mammal with a pulse.

H.E.: On more pertinent topics, do you have any knowledge of the charges currently building against Santa Claus?

R: Which charges are we talking about? I know for a fact that he has warrants out for his arrest in at least 15 countries. Most of that is stuff he does when he is on vacation. And he plays pretty fast and loose with the rules here at the pole. Because he makes all the rules.

All that other stuff, I could care less. I have my own problems. But if the cops ever put a sobriety checkpoint on the roof of a house on Christmas eve, there are going to be a lot of pissed off kids in the morning, that’s for damn sure.

H.E.: And how would you describe the role of a certain elf, Lipschitz?

R: Lipschitz is a dipshit. He calls himself a whistle blower. The closest he ever got to that is what I caught him doing to Prancer in the stables one night.

H.E.:  Have you witnessed any kind of abuse or domestic violence?

R: I have my job… and my life… to think about. Ratting out the big guy would be like testifying against a Mob boss… when you work for him. I mean, that guy is stone-cold fucking crazy. Do you know why he wears red all the time? It isn’t a fashion statement. It’s so the blood doesn’t show. Rumor has it that there is a dungeon under one of the toy factories. Elves, animals and people dissapear when the big guy gets angry. I know for a fact that he melted Frosty the Snowman with a welding torch.

And Mrs. Claus? Let’s just say that she walks into a lot of door edges and falls down a lot. That is the story and I am sticking to it. I’ve said too much already.

H.E.: Final question: Two generations of Americans are dying to know – is the claymation holiday movie based on your life?

R: Which movie? You have any idea how many movies have me in them? There are hundreds of them. And none of us sees a dime in royalties.

Most of those were put out by our P.R. department. They are good. They are like the Disney corporation. And you know what? Santa pays attention to his image. But it’s all reindeer shit. If they ever made a movie of my life it would be directed by Quentin Tarantino and it would be rated X.

I met the Abominable Snowman once. Fucker tried to eat me. And that island of misfit toys? That place is a freak show. Remember that Toy Story movie that had the kid in it that tortured toys and cut them up and stuck the parts back together to make sick mutants? That kid has nothing on Santa. Picture being in that kid’s room when the toys come alive… and you are frying on some really bad acid.

But Santa really can make toys come alive. And sometimes he likes to blow off a little steam. The island of misfit toys is where he goes to play Dr. Frankenstein. I think you get the idea.

The SANTA SHAME SPIRAL Continues…Interview With Brown Shugga!

bsH.E.: Good morning!  I have landed an exclusive with a personality not often featured in the stories concerning Santa Claus and the ongoing drama surrounding him.  Today, I am interviewing Lashonda Jefferson, otherwise known as Brown Shugga.  Good morning La… uhm, Ms. Shugga.

B.S.: You can call me, Shugga honey.  Everybody does.

H.E.: I have to ask up front, what got you into this life, and why did you pick a corner in the North Pole?

B.S.: Baby, that’s one hell of a long story involving wayward elves and their love of…well, let’s just say they like them some brown shugga, you know what I’m sayin’ honey?  Anyways, it’s damn cold on up in here if you don’t have nothin’ to keep you warm at night, and that Mrs. Claus, well she’s just plain crazy, you feel me?  One of them elves just decided that Santa needed some good ol’ fashioned TLC if you get my drift, and he dragged my ass up and I’ve been here ever since.  Can’t seem to get nobody to take me back and I can’t say I evah want to leave.

H.E.: Can you relate to the audience how the night of Mr. Claus’ arrest went down?

B.S.: I know that Kris is pissed at Brown Shugga, but I never set nobody up to take no fall!  He was out, ya know lookin’ to score some Shugga *wink* and some coke.  Of course, Shugga always takes care of her clients…especially them ‘high profile’ ones…Some bitch who was lookin’ to take over ma territory and ma man come outta nowhere and offered Kris her stuff!!  Can you imagine?!! Well, I ain’t dealin’ with that bitch and I beat her ass.  She tryin’ to hustle poor Kris into thinkin’ that she…that…that….HO!  Fuckin’ whitey she was…she was a plant, a fuckin’ cop, I know it!  I can smell a pig…anyways, next thing ya know me and Santa Baby in cuffs and bein’ dragged down to the station like common criminals! He was downright mean and nasty after that!  Whew, baby you ain’t seen nobody with a temper like that fucker…

H.E.: I see.  And you were then released with charges dropped in exchange for your information, true?

B.S.: Baby, Brown Shugga ain’t been charged with nothin’ and ain’t gonna be charged with nothin’.  I was simply providin’ a service.  Good ol’ fashioned satisfyin’ the demands of the area, if ya get ma drift.  As for white bitch, she got what was comin’ to her…I got yo information right here, baby! (clutches her crotch), really. I gots lots of information and it’s all written down in ma – well, let’s just say Shugga is well protected.

H.E.: I have sources that also maintain that you and a certain D.A. have an ongoing ‘special relationship.’  Can you comment on that?

B.S.: Oh, ya mean…well, we been friends for years.  He and I have an understandin’….he lets me live ma life and I give him some well-deserved R&R if you feel me…he certainly does…hehehe…hey.  You hungry?  You little on the thin side…want some of my tuna salad?  I made it this mornin’ while I was takin’ a break…

H.E.:  Oh… no.  I just do not like tuna, thanks.  Moving on, what is the nature of your relationship to LeMonjello Otis?

B.S.:  Oh, dear LeMon he been tailin’ ma ass for years. He can’t hurt nobody, fucked up little fool.  He talks big and all, but he’s really small in the, ya know, dick department.  Shugga knows how to make him feel more like a man, but fuck, he’s really sm-

H.E.: Are the rumors of you launching a daytime talk show on the Oprah Network true?

B.S.: Oprah?!  Baby, me and Oprah are like THAT (crosses fingers) Sista knows how to talk and Shugga is more than willin’ to let her all the way to Shugga’s bank account….anywho, it’s just talk right now.  We’ll see how things go, ya know with Kris and his problems an’ all…crazy bitch wife ain’t makin’ easy on ‘im though…fucker needs some good lawyerin’ up…

H.E.:  One last question – just how big is Santa’s – er, sleigh?

B.S.: Honey, Shugga don’t kiss an’ tell…but I can say he ain’t no magical elf for nothin’…hehehe…







The SANTA SHAME SPIRAL Continues…Interview With LeMonjello Otis

santa-behind-barsToday we continue our series chronicling the downfall of one of Earth’s most beloved holiday icons, Santa Claus.  Our guest today is a self-proclaimed, “Herbal Entrepreneur” who was arrested that fateful night in January alongside Santa Claus. Today we sit down with Santa’s alleged dealer, LeMonjello Otis.

H.E.: Hello again. Today I’m digging further into the seedy, rumor-filled world of the ongoing drama surrounding Santa Claus.  With me today is Mr. LeMonjello Otis, who is rumored to be a connection to this ongoing case.  Mr. Otis, can you describe your relationship with Mr. Claus?

L.O.:  Whoa, now wait jist a New York minute, there, fine lady.  The Lemon-man don’t have no, relationships, with no brothers.  I don’t know who you been talkin’ to, but (slaps fist into palm), but they might wanta think twice about dissin’ L. O.  Me and S.C. go way back to college days; you might say that ol’ Red-n-White likes his recreational treats, but that’s all I know.

H.E.:  So then the other rumors about you making massive campaign contributions to a certain recently-reelected government official would also be false?

L.O.:  Total bullshit, sister.  Though I would like to make some massive contributions to Michelle; seen the wiggle on that?  Some fine junk in that trunk!  Speaking a fine, most folks need to call me L. O., but a fine sister like you can call me Lemon. 

H.E.: I am definitely not your sister.  You have been seen frequenting the D.A.’s office on many occasions.  What has he offered you in return for whatever knowledge you… uh, don’t have… on Mr. Claus?

L.O.: (Lights a cigarette, frowns, looks at the floor) I’m not supposed to say no shit about that.  Let’s just say the Lemon-man likes to spend time with the ladies, not at no barbed-wire and concrete men’s club. 

H.E.:  The N.P.P.D. Chief claims you are a menace and a known drug dealer.  Your comment?

L.O.:  The Chief might do good to not let his own daughter record certain “fashion-shows” that the chief likes to put on on Saturday nights.  Speakin’ of fashion shows, the Lemon-man likes to dress like a stud, but for as fine a form as you got, sister–let’s just say, you want me to wear a tutu, long as nobody’s filmin’ it, I’m there for ya, long as you let me cook breakfast for you in the morning, know what I’m sayin’? 

H.E.: No, thank you.  Can you prove those counter-accusations?

L.O.:  In two years, when the chief’s daughter turns 18, they’s gonna be lots a provin’ goin’ on.  The Lemon may not be Billy Graham, but the sisters gots to be legal.

H.E.: Have you had dealings with a certain Brown Shugga?

L.O.:  (Blows smoke out his nose, coughs, and whistles)  Whooo-eee, dealin’s??  Let’s us just say, the Lemon-man has a sniffle, he visits Shugga, an’ the sinuses are clear as a Nebraska sunrise, know what I’m sayin’.  (Smiles stupidly for 45 seconds) You is fine, sister, whatsay you ‘n’ Shugga have a “nice-ass” contest over at my crib this weekend?  The Lemon bring in a truckload a Viagra for you two. 

H.E.:  I see, and no, I do not want any of that.  So would you characterize yourself as her pimp?

L.O.:  The Lemon is a investor, nothin’ more, nothin’ less.  Brown Shugga, she be my chief investment.  Brother got to bring in some lawyer-money, know what I’m sayin’? 

H.E.:  Uhhh… yes, I suppose I must admit one must keep one’s pimp hand strong.  Does the name Lipshitz the Elf mean anything to you?

L.O.:  Le’s just say, none a the sisters wants ta get in the little man’s van.  Somethin’ odd about the brotha.  Hell, something odd about a van.  (Shivers, pulls on his whisky)


The SANTA SHAME SPIRAL Continues…Interview With Frosty The Snowman

christmas_joy_warms_the_heart_santa_claus_frosty_snowmanThis past year we’ve chronicled the rapid decline and ultimate downfall of a great holiday icon, Santa Claus. From his original sitdown with us in Santa Spam One, to our very revealing interview with Mrs. Claus and right-hand elf Lipshitz in Santa Spam Two, and onto his now infamous drunken tirade in Santa Spam Three.

One can’t help but wonder how a man who rose to greatness could sink so low. Could examining his childhood shine a light onto the troubles that were to come? For those of you looking for answers look no further, because today we visit with a ghost from Santa’s Christmas’ past- his childhood friend and confidante:


H.E.: Hello blogworld and gather around. I’m standing out here freezing my soft bits off so that I can bring you an interview with an icon of Christmas, Frosty the Snowman. Frosty how are you today?

F.t.S.: Cold and hard, if you know what I mean.  If you treat me nice, I’ll let you hold my snowballs.  Whatya say?  A little friction could warm you up.  Hmmh?  C’mon!  What, nothin’ but a cold shoulder?  I could get that at home.  Can’t blame a guy for tryin’ though, eh?

H.E.: I’d like to tackle some hard-hitting questions first. You’re well-known for your corncob pipe, button nose and coal-lump eyes. Is this your personal statement about public smoking legislation, child labor in sweatshops, and open-pit mining?

F.t.S.: Nah!  I used to be much better turned-out, but then one day a big Chinook blew through.  Melted me right down to my bare essentials, you know what I’m sayin’?  By the time the runoff subsided, this was all my Eskimo friends could find in the storm drain, to put me back together with.  I went on the Inuit weight-gain diet to regain my Rubenesque look.  I had to eat whale meat and blubber.  If you had to eat nothing but whale meat, you’d blubber too.

H.E.: Hmm, I see. One more – not many people know, but years back you released a record to extend your fan base into summer that you called, “Frosty: the Wetter Side.” Any comment on that album and the rumors that you ripped off William Shatner’s idea?

F.t.S.: I wanted to title that one, “Slip and Slide”.  I think the kids would really have gone for it, but some toy company got all pissy about it.  Like they’re the only ones who ever had a good idea.  Far as I’m concerned they can all starve, but I guess lawyers gotta justify their existence.

Interesting that you should mention Shatner.  We found out later that the big warm blow that almost turned me into a tropical cloud, wasn’t really a Chinook.  It was just Bill comin’ through on a speaking tour.  I know I have a well-rounded….personality, but have you looked at him recently?  I looked up “fat chance” the other day, and there was a picture of him, eh.

H.E.: How have you come to grips with being a seasonal personality?

F.t.S.: It’s not bad.  It’s like being semi-retired.  Work a few months, and then kick back and live off the residuals.  I was thinking of expanding the market and working South America in the off-season.  I’ve already had to learn Inuit and that poutine French they speak in Quebec.  I didn’t think it was worth having to learn Spanish, besides, it’s almost impossible to get a refrigerated flight to Chile.

H.E.: Is there a Mrs. Frosty?

F.t.S.: There might soon be an ex-Mrs. Frosty.  She hasn’t just been Frosty; she’s been down-right frigid for years.  Santa’s been whining about losing Mrs. Claus, but he needs her or some other Harriet Homemaker type, to keep the elves out of trouble.  Polar bears and Arctic seals can take care of themselves.

H.E.: Two generations have seen the claymation TV specials, but in your own words, where the hell do you go between spring and early winter?

F.t.S.: Certainly not to Hell, unless you mean those few times when Hell freezes over.  I migrate north with the caribou.  I used to have a nice place just outside of Nome.  I could see Sarah Palin’s place from my front porch.  It was nice for a while, but now it’s all full of political reporters and comedy writers.  She got drunked-up one day, mistook me for a moose, and almost shot my ass.  Now I go so far up, that the North Pole sticks up my frozen assets.

H.E.: My sources tell me you are building a case to sue Wendy’s over their signature frozen shake name that they sell. Any comment on that?

F.t.S.: Who told you about Wendy??!  First Shatner, now her.  Have you been reading my biography galley?  We’re just friends!  Although she does have a warm heart, and a cold freezer.  The wife and I have been going to an Aleutian marriage counsellor, but if that doesn’t work out, I could move in with Wendy.  I might be a little cabin-fevery after six months in a meat locker, but she promises to make it worth my while.  She’s already been slipping me some of the royalties from my namesake treat.  I’ve been using it to hire a limo-dogsled for the trips north.

H.E.: Any final thoughts for the audience?

F.t.S.: Work hard to be a leader!  If you aren’t the lead dog in the sled-team, the view never changes.  Stay frosty, and like the Eskimos say, “Don’t eat yellow snow!”

Return for our next installment of the SANTA SHAME SPIRAL where we interview his dealer, LeMonjello Otis.


Even Darker Still…

Today we feature the last of the Santa Spam series that documented the final days before Santa’s arrest for prostitution, money laundering and drug trafficking. Tomorrow begins our Countdown to Christmas featuring interviews with his childhood friends and present associates. Prepare yourselves for a shocking inside view of the man behind the beard. I bring you…