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A Character Says What?

I started writing in earnest in the spring of 2009. Back then, my friend and I would email little snippets of our writing to each other for critique. Because we were just getting a feel for character development, we decided to visit a few writing sites for ideas. One of the ideas we liked was to ask our characters twenty questions. That concept was a great place to start, but the questions were fairly basic. Me being me, I decided to create my own list of questions to really put ourselves in the hearts and minds of our characters. I found them to be helpful even today with my new characters. I hope you do too.

1. What is each character’s zodiac sign?
2. Each character wakes up one Sunday morning to find they’ve unexpectedly got the house to themselves. What does each one do?
3. What was each character’s favorite Halloween costume?
4. What is each character’s most annoying habit?
5. Why is each character’s drink of choice?
6. Each wins a million dollars. What’s the first thing they buy?
7. First band/singer each saw in concert.
8. What is each character’s favorite ice cream?
9. What did each character want to be when they grew up?
10. Which one is left handed? (please make someone left-handed)
11. Who are they named after, and why?
12. What sports team(s) do they root for?
13. What does each character drive? (Pick-up, sedan, minivan, convertible)
14. What does each character suck at most?
15. Which one is the morning person? Who’s the night owl?
16. Who is each character’s secret celebrity crush?
17. Who was their first love?
18. What is each character’s favorite movie?
19. What is each character like when they are sick?
20. What is the one thing each of them would never let on about themselves?