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Sweet Freedom!!!

It’s finally here- the day I’ve been waiting for- the moment I’ve dreamed of as I slaved away at my desk for thirteen hours a day, six days a week. Rejoice with me because today is no other than…


That’s right. Today marks the beginning of two months of a forty-hour work week! This sounds sarcastic, but it is muay awesome-o. I intend to spend the entire two months blogging and writing just as the Lord intended. So raise your glasses of lemonade, iced tea or HR Nightmare’s Trailer Park Cocktail (see recipe below) in honor of Summer!

Now take it away, Fred!

HR Nightmare’s Trailer Park Cocktail

1 can coconut milk

1 container frozen limeade concentrate

2 cups lime soda

1 cup Malibu Rum

Pour over ice and serve in a Mason Jar