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THE GODS OF ASPAHLT – Book One: BookishTrish

Fantastic read that gets 5 big, shiny stars from me. The action starts on the very first page, grabs your attention and just never lets up.

The story is told from a male pov which is more unusual in YA books and I have to say I found this a refreshing change. Sawyer and his brother River are the main characters and the relationship between them is endearing, it’s a no punches held one (literally! they scrap all the time!) but at the end of the day, they always have each other’s backs. The dialogue between them is snappy, witty and pure entertainment, a real highlight of the book for me.

The plot is interesting and I’m very happy that I choose to read this book at the weekend as I could just plough through it which was all I wanted to do. Sawyer moves to the town of Valentine to live with his grandfather to give himself the best chance of winning a basketball scholarship to college. So it’s about the new relationships he makes there and an ongoing conflict with his father. There are family secrets too. Some immediately obvious but I didn’t guess the full extent of these secrets until they were revealed near the end of the book.

All the characters are true to life and I can honestly say I enjoyed getting to know them all. And I just loved when I got to the end of the book and saw there is more books planned for the series, I feel like this is the start of a beautiful new friendship between me and folks of Valentine. And even better the next one is about bad boy River, bring it on asap, I can’t wait to have a full book all about him!

THE GODS OF ASPHALT – Book One: BuddhaKat

To judge a story, ask not what it’s about, rather what is happening in it. That’s pretty much how I’d have to describe “The Gods of the Asphalt”. It’s not about a place, or a time, it’s what is happening to Sawyer, his brother, River, his dad and a myriad of other characters who populate this place and time in the middle of everywhere.

From the beginning, I’ve had mixed feelings regarding this story. I want to hurry and find out what happens to these people I’m growing fond of. But also, I fear that something awful might befall these people that suddenly matter to me. And, on top of that, if I do find out what happens, then I’ll be done with the book and won’t get to spend any more time with them.

Sawyer is our guide through this adventure. Though I’m nowhere near being one of them, I fully believe he is just like every other teenage boy in the world. From what he thinks about to what he thinks with.

And it’s not like Sawyer has a simple, uncomplicated life to deal with. His brother, River, looks nothing at all like Sawyer, or their dad. And their mom, Savannah, well, she is the complication that defines their lives.

Every day I spent with Sawyer, whether he was getting the tar beat out of him or teaching his friend Jeb how not to travel (on the basketball court), was an adventure that I couldn’t wait to get all wrapped up in. One thing I didn’t expect was that Sawyer would have such a good heart. Methinks, that is just what Sawyer didn’t expect, as well. And he’s finally getting the chance to get to discover himself. His TRUE self.

H. E. Ellis has turned out one fine first time novel. She is the Queen of “The Gods of the Asphalt”. Though, I have to wonder if maybe she IS a teenage boy.

PS: Happily, there will be at least one more book in this “series”!

BTW – I gave it a FIVE star review on Amazon (that reads exactly like this one)!

THE GODS OF ASPHALT – Book One – Colleen Bratley

This is a story that touches your heart and captures your soul. You enjoy sharing the time with Sawyer, his family and friends feeling like you belong. You understand them, you could be one of the family, and really enjoy their company.

Oh to be sought after by a guy like Sawyer. You just have to love him. Yeah, he does some stupid things, but then who doesn’t. And actually, considering the road his life has gone down, it doesn’t really surprise you, but it sure gives you an emotional reaction. H.E. Ellis does a great job of developing her characters and as the story unfolds, so do the personalities that you end up absolutely loving. So much so that I really can’t wait to read Book 2, River, to hear more about him and of course Sawyer and the others. Sawyer is my hero now.

While you are trying to figure out what makes each of the characters tick, you have to marvel and how the author weaves the story to reveal each person in their own light, but also how the interaction affects them. Well, at least you think you have it figured out, or what the reasons might be, but then sometimes you didn’t get it quite right, and the story brings you to another place and emotion, that you just didn’t see coming.

Sometimes in a story, as you become involved with the characters, you want things to end a certain way, or things to happen in a certain way. H.E. Ellis is really good at creating the emotions that actually force you to become involved. It brings you to the party, and you just can’t leave. No reader really has any other choice. You feel the joy, fear, pain, love; you name it, all the way through the book. And sometimes the clock stops ticking as you relate something to yourself, which gives you an even keener insight to the characters and the story.

I must admit, I didn’t think I would be so entertained. I really enjoyed the story from start to finish, and cheered for the characters with their trials and tribulations as if they had been known personally to me for years. The best part is, each character had its part, but of course the main character being Sawyer, you felt complete understanding and an almost finish with him. I say almost because he is interesting and fun, so you want more. I don’t think you could ever get tired or bored with him. But the other characters she left you wondering and wanting more information to explain their souls. It makes you wantanxious to read the rest of the series. H.E. Ellis better write fast, I think the fans will grow restless otherwise. Very, very well done H.E. Ellis.

THE GODS OF ASPHALT – Book One: Edward Hotspur

The Gods of Asphalt by H.E. Ellis is a page-turner, a moving tale (and a tale that moves) that you won’t put down until you are finished.

Sawyer is a 6’5″ 17-year-old with a big heart and bigger goals. He is in a terrible accident and doesn’t realize how bad he is hurt – he is too concerned with making sure his brother is okay. The rest of the story is a flashback to how he got here, now.

Sawyer, his older brother River and his father Jimmy have been following his mother Savannah for years – but they only stop when she wants them to.  On this latest stop at grandfather Gus’s house, Sawyer decides he has had enough, and he wants to stay put, play basketball, go to college and live a normal life – at least, as normal as he can. But to stay, he has to face his father, one of the hardest things he’s had to do.

He moves in with Gus and starts school, where he makes a friend (Jeb) and makes center on the varsity basketball team. He also meets Jeb’s twin sister Sarah, and all bets are off. He takes on two “projects” – teach Jeb how to fight in order to impress a girl, and teach Sarah Spanish so she can go to a college far away and escape the family business – and maybe fall in love with him.

But just when he thinks he has everything under control, he gets in fights with everybody, upsets nearly everyone, and is ready to give up on everything. What he decides to do next could destroy the lives of everyone around him – or save them all.

I’m glad I purchased this book, because it was an excellent read, and “he” (she) is an excellent author. I am waiting for Book Two, which is magically and thankfully implied by the “Book One” subtitle!

THE GODS OF ASPHALT – Book One: El Guapo

Those of you that have been around some of the blogs on my blogroll have already heard of H.E. Ellis first book, Gods of Asphalt, Book 1 (or available here)

There have been several reviews around the net, all of them good (as they should be). There have been many accolades from other bloggers to H.E. (as there should be).

However, in all my Googling, I have not found a single limerick tribute.
That’s just wrong folks. Or rather, the limerick I am about to present is just wrong.

Those of you who have read the book can see how this fits. Those of you who haven’t should go read the book, then come back and read the limerick (cause I want the site hits). (And the book is pretty damn good.)
Just so you know, H.E. knew nothing about the posting of the limerick. If she had
– It would have been much better
– I would be in traction from massive damage from her running me over in her Jeep. Even though I’m on the 16th floor here.

And so, with no further apologies (since I really can’t make enough of them for this travesty), the Gods of Asphalt limerick:

Playing ball was Sawyers dream in this world
Confronted his dad in a big ugly whirl.
At Gus’ place he learned
How the road twisted and turned.
Drove off with dad to serenade the girl

Really, I don;t know how you people read these limericks. I think I hit a new low. In the head. With a brick. Sigh.

Anyway, go check out the book. It will do wonders towards cleaning out the bad taste in your brain from this.
You’re welcome.


LOVED the author’s voice in this book. The sarcasm and quick retorts had me smiling throughout the book, and the relationship painted between River and Sawyer was perfect.

THE GODS OF ASPHALT – Book One: Harem Master

I don’t do book reports, but I want to comment on this one for a couple reasons. (Yeah, my spell-checker keeps telling me to put of between couple and whatever there’s a couple of, and I keep telling my spell-checker to flock off, I’m writing this.)

First: I found The Gods Of Asphalt to be a real good read. I think Ms Ellis captured the frustrations and emotional turmoil of adolescence quite well in her characters. I’m the kind of reader that has to be caught by the first couple pages. If a book doesn’t have my interest by then I won’t read it unless I’m really bored. Ms Ellis caught my interest with her opening line and held it right to the end.

As the kind of life that Sawyer and River led were revealed I found myself understanding where they were coming from, even though I did think for quite a while that they should have been drowned in the horse trough at birth. That opinion was severely shaken in the last couple chapters when family relationships were explained. I started wondering how I would have handled being a kid in that situation.

Now I wait for book two of The Gods of Asphalt to see where the story goes from here.

THE GODS OF ASPHALT – Book One: Here To Write

A great book written by one among us from the blogging world H.E.Ellis. It’s a book about destiny, love and family. The whole novel is from the perspective of a teenager. We all remember our time in high school. Simple things seemed liked big, live altering decisions. Sawyer Hayden is in such a state but what he’s dealing with is a little bigger than everyday high school issues.

All he wants to do is not repeat his father’s mistakes in life. His dad is trucker and criss-crosses the country dragging along Sawyer and his brother River in tow. Sawyer believes the reason for his dad choosing the job is to follow his mother Savannah, because he thinks his dad can’t forget her even after she has abandoned the family more than once. River is Sawyer’s half-brother, even though no one reveals this fact to them directly they have figured this out from the obvious difference in their looks. Sawyer gets his looks from his Spanish dad, while River looks like their mother’s boyfriend for whom she left the family. Sawyer finally has enough with following his mother around the country and decides to go live their grandfather Gus who he describes as an “old school badass”. He plans to attend school and to try and win a basketball scholarship for college all steps in his plan to not end up like his dad. The end result of this decision is that his dad stops talking to him and leaves with River.

Another result of Sawyer’s decision is that he meets Sarah, the one he believes he is destined to be with. It comes with its own complications like the fact that Sarah is planning to go away to college, she may still have feelings for her ex-boyfriend, she is the sister of Sawyer’s new best-friend Jeb and the main one is falling blindly in love is one of the ‘mistakes’ he doesn’t want to make. Living with his grandfather helps Sawyer understand more of his dad and that things may not be the way he always thought them to be.

I liked the writing style. If you have read her blog posts you know how well H.E can write. The novel is further proof to that. The first line itself reels you in. Loved the idea of adding a song for each chapter. Great job with song selection. They fit in with the story line and the picture we create of the characters when we read. It helps set the mood for each chapter too.I loved reading the book. Give it a try when you can.

THE GODS OF ASPHALT – Book One: H.R. Nightmare

Ok, so there is a lady out there named H.E. Ellis. She wrote a book, The Gods of Asphalt. Please let me take a moment to explain why this is so important.

Me, I don’t read. I never liked reading so book reports all through school never happened. News papers were the comics. Reading was never an interest to me. I look back now and I think I read 1 (that’s not a typo) 1 book in my entire academic career. So when the lovely H.E. asked if I would read her book, I honestly hemmed and hawed and tried to find a way out. When that didn’t work she used the big, beautiful green eyes stare on me. Understand that there is no relationship here, but I’m not made of stone you know. She is a very, wait…VERY attractive lady and when she asked me to read her book, Yeah. I was going to read HER book.

So having said that The Gods of Asphalt is one non-stop trip with no end in sight. Now that she has mesmerized me with both cunning use of the big eyes AND amazing literary talent. I am eagerly anticipating the works that emerge from this woman who has opened my mind to the wonderful world of the written word. I only wish now that I had payed more attention in English class then skipping it to go “hang out” at the pool hall.

So a great big THANK YOU to the beautiful and wonderful H.E. Ellis.


Right from the first page Ellis drops his audience into an emotional rollercoaster that does not let up until the final word of the novel. Twists and turns abound in this extremely realistic, very vivid journey through the life of a teenage boy who cannot come to grips with the forces driving his life.

The characters and setting of this novel were both very well developed. These were people that you wanted to, or felt like you already did, know in your real life. You wanted to root for them, or against them, depending on which characters were involved. They were not flat characters either. Each of them was well rounded and lifelike.

There were some very intense moments within this story. Ellis grabs a hold of the English language and twists it in such a way that the audience is kept riveted and feels exactly what the character is feeling. That said, there were also a great deal of moments when I found myself laughing out loud, rather uncontrollably at times. The author manages to use words to evoke very strong emotions in the reader.

On this surface this novel is about secrecy driving a family apart, but it is also about truth bringing them back together. Although it is a gripping tale it also contains a great deal of realism regarding difficulties within families. The characters need to learn to accept others and themselves the way that they are. There is a great deal of fighting, both verbally and physically, between the characters in this novel. There are also a large number of “bro-mance” moments that counteract them.

I quite enjoyed the fact that each chapter had a song assigned to them. These songs complemented the chapters that they were associated with. Picturing or listening to the song enriched the chapter, giving it a deeper meaning.

Above all, what I found the most interesting about this novel is reading about high school and high school relationships from the perspective of a guy. It was interesting to see how a situation that I would have reacted to in one manner was dealt with very differently.

This book as a whole was very well written. It kept me captivated while grounded in reality. The author did not need to use any supernatural forces to keep me tied to these pages. I will definitely be checking out future works by this author in the near future.

THE GODS OF ASPHALT – Book One: Melissa

This is definitely more of a character book, but it doesn’t delve into the really personal and deep stuff. That’s good for me because I seriously can’t tolerate books like that.

Sawyer is a strange character. He has the assets to be cocky character, but he’s modest. His appearance doesn’t make up for the life he’s grown up with and I love how he manages to balance that out. Even though living on the road seems terrible for him, I’m pretty sure the road is one of his best memories.

I find it riveting to read about characters that aren’t exactly living the luxurious life. The people living in this town are facing real struggles, yet they make the most of it. I guess I’ve never experienced what they have and I feel uncomfortable reading about this while I’m living a life these people wish for. But their financial life isn’t in focus, it’s about doing the best you can with what you have. Definitely a good way to talk about tender topics without the reader pitying the characters.

If you’re looking for a book with the character trying to live their life but also doing the best that they can – this is it for you. The Gods of Asphalt is all about living in your life and making your own decisions. You can make anything happen no matter the circumstances if you try your hardest.

THE GODS OF ASPHALT – Book One: Off The Mainstream

The Gods of Asphalt by fellow blogger H.E. Ellis is a compelling read from the first chapter and has a cast of incredibly well drawn characters.  Take a moment and click the graphic above and just read the first chapter at Amazon or on her blog. That’s all you’ll have to do and you’ll be hooked like I was. These are characters you will identify with no matter your age or gender, whether  from a parent’s or child’s view.

THE GODS OF ASPHALT – Book One: Polysyllabic Profundities

Engaging from beginning to end, The Gods of Asphalt takes us on a journey of emotion and growth. Sawyer and River, two brothers with a far from normal childhood, struggle with their past and find a way to define themselves through Ellis’ depiction of teenage angst and growing pains.

Their relationship with each other, their family and their peers is written with such honesty and tension that the pages seem to turn themselves as you are wrapped into the weave of their lives. Within their turmoil we are given true insight into their characters and find something compelling in each of them. Ellis writes with such realism that the book takes on a life of its own. She gives depth to not only the main characters, but to each of the ensemble that support Sawyer and River on their adventure.

The Gods of Asphalt is the first in a series and this foray into the family dynamic puts the spotlight on Sawyer. His journey to finally break free of his past and live a life that is defined only by him is an endearing story and one that will have you strapping into your seat as you ride along on his roller coaster.

I would recommend setting aside several hours if you start this book because you won’t be able to put it down.


I confess I didn’t expect much from The Gods of Asphalt, since this is a self-published first novel.

But mother of three, blogger and writer H.E. Ellis has created a fast-paced, compelling young adult novel with sympathetic and interesting (mostly male!) characters. Much of the plot and character development is driven by great dialogue (show, don’t tell). Another strength is the psychological complexity of the story; the reader can see the same patterns playing out in different generations of different families, thus examining the book’s themes from many angles.

A cool feature of the book is each chapter’s epigram: a song title that relates to what will happen in the chapter (Don’t Fear the Reaper, Bell Bottom Blues, etc.)

This is subtitled Book One, so I think we can look for a sequel!

THE GODS OF ASPHALT – Book One: Summer Grant

** spoiler alert ** Sawyer Hayden, basketball player, reluctant traveller and stubborn teenager would do anything not to end up like his dad, yet no matter how hard he tries he cannot avoid the truth. He’s just like him.

I’m not going to lie, it was a bit of a slow start and took a while to get into. In fact, it wasn’t until Sawyer ‘ditched’ his dad and his brother River that the story became easier to get into. But when they were gone Sawyer became more likable, without River around as a bad influence he wasn’t actually that bad of a guy.

Forging the relationships between Gus, Jeb, Sarah and Bekka were great to read except I was always dreading the moment that Jeb would find out about Sawyer and his twin sister Sarah.

It was also interesting to be retracing Sawyer’s steps to find out exactly just how he managed to end up in the situation he was in at the start of the book.

Of course, River came back and tried his hardest to ruin everything (and to his credit tried to fix it too)but at the end when things were explained he became a little easier to understand, as did their dad.

It was a very egrossing story and, even though it was a slow start, I became hooked to it despite me being a complete and utter fantasy fan, which goes to show just how good this book is. There’s not one bit of fantasy and I still couldn’t put it down!


I liked the writing style. The first line itself reels you in. Loved the idea of adding a song for each chapter. Great job with song selection. They fit in with the story line and the picture we create of the characters when we read. It helps set the mood for each chapter too.The whole novel is from the perspective of a teenager. We all remember our time in high school. Simple things seemed liked big, live altering decisions. Sawyer Hayden is in such a state but what he’s dealing with is a little bigger than everyday high school issues. I loved reading the book.

THE GODS OF ASPHALT – Book One: The Saturated Page

The only reason this book became a blip on my radar was because when I started my blog, the author was one of the first people to comment on it. Being noisy, I wandered to to check out the first chapter, and was gripped. There was no way I could read that opening and not read the rest. So, I bought the book, loaded it to Beth’s Kindle for PC, and promised myself I could read it once I got Fairy Queenready and released. We know how that particular project is going, but I still kept putting off reading Gods of the Asphalt. I realized this weekend that that was just silly. (I also bought a second copy to toss on my Kindle, so I didn’t have to just borrow it from Beth’s)

This is not the sort of book I normally read. I’ll admit that I read the whole thing with an eye toward the fantastical – would this be when the author introduces some supernatural element to the story? What about at that point? Gods of the Asphalt is what it claims to be: a story about standing ones ground, about finding oneself, about growing up and becoming an adult. The main character is the younger of two teenage brothers who, having been raised by their father and bounced back and forth all over the country at the whim of their flighty, decidedly unmaternal mother, decides enough is enough, he wants to put down roots and get into college. A scholarship is his only way in, and time is running out, so he opts to stay with his grandfather and play basketball.

Yes. Boys and basketball. Now, I can handle boys. Growing up I had more male friends than female friends, and my female friends lacked the need to play the social games girls seem to play. My male friends weren’t super athletic, but I can also handle sports. I played softball for eight years, after all. Still, I like reading about sports about as much as I like watching sports; that is, not at all. So. No supernatural elements, lots of boys and a decent amount of sports*. Why did I keep reading?

Because H.E. Ellis’s writing is amazing. It is clear and it is crisp and it cuts through bullshit and gets to the heart of the matter. Because stories of everyone doing the best they can and still failing short will always touch my heart. Because sibling love and devotion makes me miss my brothers, and makes me sad that they couldn’t have what these two brothers had. (Too many years between them) Because by the end of chapter one I had to know what was going to happen to Sawyer and River, and I had to see what else H.E. Ellis was going to inflict upon them.

I can’t even do a, “if you like ______ you’ll like Gods of the Asphalt because I never read books like this. Never the less, you should go read it. Family angst and manning up and falling in love and a wee bit of getting the shit kicked out of you. Good times, even without the dragons.

*The sports didn’t really take over the story at all; one saw more Quidditch in Harry Potter books than we saw basketball in this one, so don’t let the presence of basketball dissuade you from checking this book out.

THE GODS OF ASPHALT – Book One: Tom Elias

H.E. Ellis, in her first published work, establishes herself firmly in the field of self-published YA authors to watch. After a gripping opening scene, the Gods of Asphalt admittedly slows down through the first chapter. Take my word for it, though, and keep reading through to the second and third chapters, where the action picks up and you become irrevocably interested in what Sawyer and River are doing.

H.E. is a mother and it shows. She uses dialogue like a tool, and builds an entire, believable and compelling world with it. By the end of the book, you will genuinely care about the boys, their tortured father, and crusty adopted grandfather of sorts. H.E.’s strength is dialogue, clearly, and her use of it among her characters drives her plot far more effectively than what you found in Hunger Games.

While I recommended it for older YA audiences, I am a 40something man and I enjoyed it.


Engaging from beginning to end, The Gods of Asphalt takes us on a journey of emotion and growth. Sawyer and River, two brothers with a far from normal childhood, struggle with their past and find a way to define themselves through Ellis’ depiction of teenage angst and growing pains.

Their relationship with each other, their family and their peers is written with such honesty and tension that the pages seem to turn themselves as you are wrapped into the weave of their lives. Within their turmoil we are given true insight into their characters and find something compelling in each of them. Ellis writes with such realism that the book takes on a life of its own. She gives depth to not only the main characters, but to each of the ensemble that support Sawyer and River on their adventure.

The Gods of Asphalt is the first in a series and this foray into the family dynamic puts the spotlight on Sawyer. His journey to finally break free of his past and live a life that is defined only by him is an endearing story and one that will have you strapping into your seat as you ride along on his roller coaster.

I would recommend setting aside several hours if you start this book because you won’t be able to put it down.

THE GODS OF ASPHALT – Book One: Very Normal

First of all I just want you all to know that I would have never read this book before H.E.Ellis approached me but now I am so unbelievably grateful that I had the opportunity because it has been amazing.

It is a must read! Ok so the middle bit is a little boring but what book isn’t? It is worth it for the excitement I felt towards the end of the book. The portrayal of the bromace between Sawyer and his bother River is spot on. I really enjoyed this book (not like you can tell ahaha) I couldn’t stop reading and I mean I never read romance but this book has changed my mind! As a  English 18 year old girl reading a book from an 17 year old American boys point of view was a new concept for me, I was unsure about it to start with but I think its a really eye opening journey.

The fact that none of the relationships in the book are perfect is amazing and so truthful. Jeb is by far my favorite character, I love him, I think everyone knows a guy like and everyone enjoys their company.

I could only ever dream of writing a book that was so beautiful yet realistic.

THE GODS OF ASPHALT – Book One: Hastywords

About a billion years ago Edward Hotspur raved about this talented person he knew, H.E. Ellis. Hotspur asked me to read a story he had written for her blog and at the time I remember seeing this book and thinking, “if I ever get back to reading…this book sounds really good”. This was the first book I decided to read since I had stopped reading a few years ago, and I am really glad I did. In fact, I bought the kindle version of this book but without having actually finished it I added it to my Christmas list for my husband to purchase the paperback for me. I read the last 3 chapters I had left when I opened it Christmas morning.

I am terrible at actually giving reviews. I wish I could just use the star system and say “Hey this book was 5 stars”, but nobody really pays attention to stars anymore. So, here is my very first attempt to review a book with something more than telling you that you should.

This book started out suspenseful and got my attention with the first line, “There’s a moment that happens just before you crash that no one in driver’s ed tells you about.” Yea, I know intense right? But it just keeps getting better from there and before you know it you are swept up in the world of Sawyer. The story of two brothers and their dad is full of boners, punches, kisses, blood, sex, sarcasm, and laughter. Seriously, there are a few parts I bet would make any guy tough guy cry. I finished the book wanting more from the characters in this story so I am very happy there will be more books to come.

Each chapter in the book starts with the name of a song so to finish this review and to get you in the mood to read this wonderful story I have decided to link some of the songs. I think you will agree she has great taste in music…or at least Sawyer does! 🙂 There is one chapter she leaves it up to the reader to pick a song so I picked Savage Gardens – I Want You. I highly recommend this book and I am surprised some big publishing house hasn’t made her a serious offer. Good luck H.E. Ellis.


THE GODS OF ASPHALT – Book One: Bestbathroombooks

THE GODS OF ASPHALT – Book One: Essa On Everything

THE GODS OF ASPHALT – Book One: Momma’s Money Matters

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    • This is not spoilery, this is awesomesauce.

      December 20, 2011 at 12:40 pm

      • Finished it. Loved it. Annoyed as hell by the fact that the story isn’t over. Great stopping point though…
        So when will book 2 be out? 2 weeks? 3? Sooner?
        Ok, sooner is good….

        December 22, 2011 at 3:18 pm

        • I’m hoping to finish Book Two by the end of February and Three by the end of the summer. Three is going to be epic.

          December 22, 2011 at 4:46 pm

          • GAH!!! February?!? GAH!!!
            Since I was reading the last 3rd at my office desk, I enjoyed playing the songs with the chapters.
            really, the book was good stuff.

            December 22, 2011 at 4:55 pm

            • You have no idea what it means to hear that. Since you’re so great to comment I’ll let you in on a secret. Book Two is about what happens to River. Book Three is a prequel telling Gus’s story, and Book Four tells the story of what happens to Raphael while Book One takes place. Book Five however, is all Jeb.

              December 22, 2011 at 4:59 pm

              • Very cool. Let me know when I can order/pre-order.
                Of course, if you threw in a chapter of what comes next (after very end of 1), My desk will thank you because I’ll stop banging my head against it…
                I hit the last page and was stunned you didn’t say what happened with j&s. I must know!!!
                Really loved the way his character developed.
                (if out of line/spoilery, please edit/delete!)

                RockWrite on!

                December 22, 2011 at 5:15 pm

                • I have Oppositional Defiance Disorder which is why I wrote the opening to Book Five first. It’s in the pages above.

                  December 22, 2011 at 7:00 pm

  9. Sincere apologies.

    It’s like an illness I have…

    December 28, 2011 at 9:14 am

    • Dude, you totally just scored a spot at the review part of this page. Thank you so much!

      December 28, 2011 at 10:05 am

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  11. need book. cemented.
    fun. driving who?
    more. s-mores.
    laughing.ect……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… it really cruel to kill mice with glue? I’m sick of it. laughing.

    February 5, 2012 at 6:19 am

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  13. You might find this useful. Or not.
    El Guapo has no idea….

    February 25, 2012 at 5:50 pm

    • El Guapo was right on the money with this post. VERY useful. Thanks. 🙂

      February 25, 2012 at 8:37 pm

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